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Structures and Right-of-Way East to Edmeston

Towns and Crossings to the east (click on a name to go there):



Amber’s Crossing













uv059 200

Though of poor quality, this is a unique image of the O&W station in Pittsfield. It was little more than a shed and milk platform, sitting in a field by the side of the road.


Ambler’s Crossing








uv056 200

An early O&W train at Edmeston. The Borden's milk plant was to the right; the first station is visible behind the train.

uv058 200

The Borden's milk plant in Edmeston. The second station is to the right.

uv057 200

Another view of the second Edmeston station.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures on this page are from the collection of Paul Straney, Oneonta NY

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