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If you have a copy of “Days Along the Buckwheat & Dandelion” by Fred Pugh, (pictured at the right) then you may already know that it does not include an index of its contents. One of our members decided to solve that problem and created an index for the book.


This is not just AN index, it is a very comprehensive  index. This member, Lee Stone, then was kind enough to give the index and the rights to publish it to the UVRS&M.


The First Problem

The first problem you’ll notice when creating an index for such a book is that not all of the pages have page numbers. For pages like 3, 4 and 6, this is easy because even though those specific pages are not numbered, the number before is 2 and the next one following is 6, so you cna figure out the missing page numbers.


A somewhat bigger problem is the 52-page Addendum added in the third edition which has no page numbers at all. These problems were solved with the following ground rules (taken from the first page of the index):

  • Publications are in italics; page numbers in bold refer to photos.
  • Page numbers beginning with A are in Addendum (which had no pagination as published; these page numbers added to my copy manually and arbitrarily: A1 - A52).
  • Several names appear in more than one form in this book; both forms given, one in parentheses.
  • Where information is in this book or otherwise known, towns in which hotels/businesses/streets are located are given in parentheses.

The following is a random sample from part of page 10:

Pugh Book Index Pg 10 300

Facts About the Index

-- The index contains 11 pages, 2 columns each, of index entries.

-- The index applies specifically to the third printing.


Cost of the Index

The index is priced at $6, which includes free shipping.


How to Order

Call Sandy, the UV Storekeeper, at 607-548-7007 to order your copy of the index.


How about the Original Book?

We’re sorry to report thtat we have sold out of our stock of the original book. At this time, there are no plans to reprint it. You might check on book web sites or ebay to find a copy.

Book Buckwheat 200
Pugh Book Index Pg 1 200

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