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Structures & Right-of-Way North to Bridgewater

Towns and crossings to the North (click on the name to go there directly):

South Edmeston

Sweet’s Crossing

West Edmeston


River Forks (also known as Unadilla Forks)


South Edmeston


uv005 200

The Phenix cheese factory, circa 1910.

uv031 200

The South Edmeston station. 


Click HERE to see a video of how this station was moved to Norton Park, October 6, 2011.

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In the background is the old Phenix Cheese factory, now Breyers [now Chobani]. Once a customer of the railroad, today very few signs of the railroad are left.


Sweet’s Crossing


(picture unavailable)

The Sweet's Crossing station was the only stone (cement block) station on the line.

(picture unavailable)

Another view of the station.


West Edmeston


uv009 200

A vintage shot of laborers on the line. The station is to the left.

uv022 200

The West Edmeston station is now a private residence. While the owners have made changes to the structure, the basic lines of the structure are still there. The tracks ran to the right of the station, looking south.

uv021 200

Another view of the station.

uv053 200

The West Edmeston Borden's milk plant.

uv020 200

This was another former milk refinery in West Edmeston. It still stands, just north of the station.




uv051 200

The UVRR station in Leonardsville was originally a private home. When the railroad came through, it was converted over to serve its new purpose as a station for the fledgeling railroad.

uv027 200

Around the turn of the century, a 24 foot extension was added to the Leonardsville station . Today, all that remains is the addition.

uv029 200

Looking north past the station.

uv030 200

The Leonardsville station is not in good repair. The foundation of the original building is visible here.


River Forks


uv050 200

The Unadilla Forks (later River Forks) station.




uv010 200

Looking south at the station at Bridgewater. The DL&W tracks were to the left, and the UVRR tracks were to the right. The two roads shared the cost of construction and operation of the Bridgewater station.

uv025 200

The station 100 years later. The tracks are gone, but the station still stands. The station currently houses the Bridgewater Historical Society.

uv023 200

The DL&W side of the station. The tracks on this side were pulled up just a few years ago, while the UVRR rails were pulled up in 1960.

uv024 200

Weeds have quickly overgrown the DL&W platform.

uv026 200

The Bridgewater station is now an antiques store. While the UVRR rails are gone, the ties are still present, though larlgely hidden by the grass.

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures on this page are from the collection of Paul Straney, Oneonta NY

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